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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fifth Date Bail

So after my insecure ranting earlier last week.
He did text me about his busy week and asked what my plans were for the weekend.
I agreed to a Sunday date and asked him what he had in mind.
He thought it was my turn to pick...and said he was expecting big things.

I confirmed Saturday night that we were still good to go for Sunday.
He was on his way to a wedding.
I was on my way to Laurel's husband's birthday party.

So I came up with a grand plan of doing my favourite things.
I made early dinner reservations at my fav little Italian place downtown.
And booked us tickets to Second City (Sketch Comedy just like SNL).
And planned for drinks at my fav drink place Cocktail Bar.

So in planning it all I even though I would pick him up.
It's getting colder here and being a Sunday night I knew I wouldn't be drinking.
So around 1pm Sunday I text him "just wanted to touch base about tonight...any way you could be ready for 445?  I mean since you live in the suburbs and all we need a little extra time to make it to the reservation on time ;)" (I joke that he lives in the suburbs though he really just lives "uptown".
He immediately called me.
AND...he wanted to push plans back until 8ish because he got called into work.  He was literally on his way to a 2pm meeting and didn't think he would be ready to go until after 7:30.

Of course I plastered a fake smile on my face and said it was no big deal and reservations could be changed.
He said he felt bad and wanted to know what I planned.  I told him no worried because I didn't want him to feel bad because this was out of his control.  And I would let him know what we could do.
Did I mention the tickets to Second City are nonrefundable or exchangeable?
So I sat there for a minute...partly frustrated and partly annoyed.

Then I texted him back saying "Hey let's just reschedule for another night if that's cool.  Good luck at work today!"  I decided rather than eat the cost of the tickets I would go with my girlfriend S instead.
His response "Ok...Sorry again, hopefully I didn't upset you.  This rarely happens but every once in a while they call on us during the weekend."
My response "I understand it's important."
His response "Ok thanks".

And I went off on my "date night" with S.
We had a great time but I found myself glancing at my phone wondering if he would text or call.
And nada...haven't heard from him since Sunday afternoon.
And I just keep coming back to maybe he's just not that into me.
That's why you date I guess.
To see if you're compatible.
To see what the other person is like.
This is what he is like...

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