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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Busy Fall

This week was good and just super busy I felt like I've been go go going.

Tuesday was super fun.
Laurel, her husband, B and I went on another Burger Club Mission.
We have 54 Toronto Burger Joints on our list and this was #8.
Burger's Priest it was for some Tuesday night fun.
The model themselves after the "classic American cheeseburger joint".
There are whispers that they are trying to do InNOut/ShakeShack kind of things.
Often the scene here.  It was jam packed from when we got there until after we left.  And we went on a cold random Thursday night at 7pm.  Pic from here.
Wednesday I had to rush from work to a meeting.
For that opportunity I keep writing about which is a TON more work for me that I don't know quite how to fit into my jam packed schedule (umm like I move in 2 weeks!)

Thursday was Halloween.
So I went to Kai's place.
We had a girly night of wine, butternut squash soup, grilled cheese sandwhichs and cupcakes.
And we watched my favourite Halloween movie of all time Hocus Pocus.
Pic from here
Friday I did laundry and started the task of packing.
I watched Blackfish (how sad!) and The Internship (to try and cheer myself up!).
Today I'm helping my friend S move (from a third floor walk up to a third floor walk up).
Then I have to rush home and get ready for Laurel's husband's birthday dinner.
And tomorrow date five with MrTrader...who did message me this week....just not sure where that is going...guess we'll see but I seriously cannot add anything more to my calendar at this point!

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