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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pleasantly Surprised on a Monday Night

After a Fifth Date Bail more than a week ago, I still have not heard a peep from MrTrader.
What is with these boys?!
Even a lack lustre text is better than just straight up falling off the face of this earth.
So annoying.

So I thought my best bet was to move on.
Especially when I got to the point of seriously contemplating contact MrAttorney.

Anywho so back to dating I went.

Last night I went on a fun date with a potential Mr.

We went to a Terroni location I hadn't been before in uptown.

It was great we shared a bottle of wine.
And ordered appetizers.
I went with the cheese/charcuterie board which may be one of my favourite kinds of snacks.
It was super cute inside as well.
Especially as this cooler weather is coming into Toronto.

We had a surprising amount in common.
He lives downtown and doesn't like the suburbs at all.
We even have randomly stayed in the same exact hotel in Seoul before.
We met at 7:15 and before I knew it the clock was striking 11.
I suppose that's a good sign.

The end of the date was only awkward as I make things.
He seemed a little stand offish.
I think he is a little shy (well that or he simply isn't that into me).
I initiated a hug.
Guess we'll see what happens.
But I found myself pleasantly surprised on this random Monday night.

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