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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

jeans and sneakers

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So against my better judgement AND trying to force myself past MrAttorney.
I had a first date Sunday.
At Joey's at the Shops at Don Mills.
We met for a Sunday afternoon drink.

Just no spark and chemistry really.
And he wore jeans and sneakers (which is the fashion statement I absolutely detest!)
There were some lulls in the conversation.
I think I'm probably just more conservative than him.
He told me he essentially doesn't have a filter.

And that he treats guys and girls the same.
And to be honest he just didn't seem that interested in me.

Also I probably should not have gone on a first date with him seeing as prior to our first date he felt so inclined to ask if I "waxed down there".  
(Obviously I told him it was none of his business).
I need to do a much better job screening these things.

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