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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blast from the not so recent past...

So yesterday was my birthday.
And it was good.
Usually I struggle and freak out and have just the most difficult time on my birthday.
Not the whole age thing but usually bad staff happens on or around my birthday (hence the Birthday Curse).

It's no secret that I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to stop thinking about MrAttorney.
Well I hadn't heard from him since this last message.
But I have been thinking if he only reaches out one more time then I will respond.

So yesterday it came as a "Hey happy birthday.  Hope all is well with you."
To which I replied "Thanks.  How are things with you?"
And then he called but I was busy getting Sushi with Kai for my birthday dinner.
Kai is one of the Canada crew who now just so happens to live on the 19th floor (I live on the 20th of the new downtown place).

So I go this text "Things are pretty good.  Just tried calling you.  Doing anything fun for your birthday?"
And I panicked about how to respond or what to do.
So I waited until today.

And with a few casual text messages exchanged it happened...
He asked "Would you be interested in grabbing a coffee or bite?"
And in my hesitation he wrote again "Crickets crickets...haha".

So I have lunch plans tomorrow with him.
And I'm kind of flipping out about it.
Holy moly what did I get myself into.
I'm probably making a big deal about nothing.
Maybe he just wants to catch up.

I find myself wondering...what will it be like.
Will we slip back into the banter we had before?
Will it be awkward?
Will he have changed his mind?
Will he have missed me?
Will things be the exact same?
Will he now want to move forward in some way?
Or is he just curious how things have been for me?
Like he said before he "cares about me".
I'm nervous and hopeful...
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  1. I wouldn't go.

    Be honest, and tell him that you still feel like you have very different feelings about him than he does about you, and that you have no interest in torturing yourself and rehashing all of the same thoughts you have had over the summer and fall. Just tell him that, unless his feelings have changed, that you think you are better off simply not having any contact with him at all, because it is just really hard to do it in a way that you think is healthy for you.

    Or, get belligerently drunk, call him all kinds of names, break something in the restaurant and leave him to pay the bill:-). That might also work.

    1. I should have gone with your first suggestion but well I apparently like to torture myself. Number two would have also been a plus versus what happened!

  2. Happy birthday! And please keep us updated on what happens! (AM, for the record, is an excellent life coach.)

    1. Thanks lady :) Just updated...and I should definitely have followed AM's advice :S