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Thursday, January 3, 2013


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Y'all I think sometimes when something clicks for me it just clicks for me.
It never fully clicked for me with MrRealtor he kind of grew on me and he just got more and more annoying.
I sent Taylor an email that went back and forth with him and even she was like...oh my goodness he is EXHAUSTING!
And here's how I know he isn't for me...

I have a full blown crush.
Here's how I know...well beside the amazingness that was New Year's Eve
After thinking about it and speaking to a friend or too...they were like you should pursue him.
You have nothing left to least be open to the idea and let him know you're open to the idea.

So with that I left a little text last night along the lines of "missing the Miami heat..."
(And I definitely wasn't referring to the weather lol)
And nothing.
And I was disappointed but figured what the heck.

Today I was rushing about work when...
A facebook message from him and with a slightly shaky hand I clicked on it.
A cute email about how it was great seeing me and hoping I was staying warm in Canada and catching up on rest...he ended it with Big Hug and "PS KEEP IN TOUCH!!!"

That's a good sign right?
Ack I'm useless when I have a big crush.
So of course I reply almost immediately back (I know I know you're supposed to wait but I couldn't).
So I replied much the same hoping he wasn't so tired and his day was going well only I signed off with an "xo Teagan and PS Keep in touch ...I had a really great time".

So I guess we'll see where it goes.
I was already daydreaming of making out in the ocean and the feel of his hand on my skin.
Lordy I guess when it clicks for me it just clicks.
Fingers crossed maybe this may be a little more than just a long distance crush.
Guess we'll see.

It wouldn't work out and I think I just need to be realistic about the situation.
Except I'm horrible at being realistic about the situation.
I will probably just continue to daydream of the amazing 24 hours we had.

Of course I'm listening to girly music while posting this...and this song seems rather appropriate right about now...

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