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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Closing Doors to Open New Ones

Y'all a final update (I think) on MrRealtor.
So I told you here how I finally broke things off on that Sunday (read here)
(even though he didn't get that).

As evidence of the email the next day.
And then I told you all about these texts a few days later (read here if you missed it).
Well a few days later I got these texts...

Which drove me nuts to the point that I thought I better call him.
Which is why I agreed to call him.
So how frustrated was I when he tried to bully me into meeting up with him...because that's what HE would rather do.

I didn't I called him.

But the guy would NOT listen.
To the point where I was blunt and like "this is not going anywhere".
After I thought I was quite clear and finished the conversation....
I got this text from him.
Read the top box (the next one is clearly from the next day).

And then the next day this (all unanswered by the way).

Seriously WTF.
I hope you didn't mean what you said last night?
I mean WHAT?
So I think I won't reply.
I mean I know he asked me to but this is just getting ridiculous.

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