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Monday, January 28, 2013

Spa Saturday

So I told you I was up early Saturday...
And it was because we were headed to the spa.
Which spa?
Le Scandinave Spa at Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario!

It's about 2 hours north of Toronto.
So we loaded up a car load of girls from my sorority alumni and headed north.

And it was amazing!
The sequence of what you're supposed to do is HOT THERAPY (hot tub/steam room/sauna).
Body Warming
Pic from the official website.
The Eucalyptus Steam Room pic from the official website.
Followed by a COLD PLUNGE (pools/snow (seriously welcome to Canada)).
And finally follow that with relaxing in one of the relaxation rooms or outdoor fireplace.
And simply repeat as much as you like.

It was pretty busy...and just gorgeous.
I would love to take some of my Texas girls (like Taylor and PinkSunDrops) to experience this because I'm guessing they haven't done anything like this.
These were two of the hot can see where you hang the robes and towels.
The snow covered roof to the left of the silo housed one of the relaxation rooms.  The silver silo was a Eucalyptus steam room.  The pool to the right was one of the cold plunge pools 55F.
Hard to tell but there is a fire pit at the top of the picture surrounded by Muskoka/Adirondack chairs.

Gives you a better idea of one of the fire pit things picture from the official website.
We even sat in chairs covered in should see our faces in THAT picture lol!
After that we had a quick snack of fruit/cheese/crackers before heading back to Toronto.
Laurel invited me out for dinner with her fiance and B so I joined.

We went to The Works Burger Bar.

pic from here
It was a fairly good burger place.
And I would go back.
However I get that they were trying to do something different with their glasses but I didn't love the measuring cup idea.

After a full on spa day (and I think it's quite hilarious that we finished it with burgers lol how healthy!)
I was beat and just headed home to relax.
A simply great Saturday!