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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another book club meeting

Before we knew it it was time for book club again.
I always look forward to it.
So glad we came up with this idea for the cold winter months.

As usual amazing things were had.
This month's book was A Street Cat Named Bob.

Our opinions were split right down the middle.
The three who had cats growing up LOVED it.
The three of us who did not have cats/dog people didn't like it at all.
Obviously we are super cool and happen to like charts and graphs lol!

But who cares?!
Books club is really an excuse for us to eat, drink, and chat.

Our theme was English cute is this setup?

Apparently this is a British thing (says our British expat friends)....we weren't sure if they were pulling our legs!

British candies

Scotch Eggs...there is no actual Scotch in them...they are eggs wrapped in sausage

My obsession Nadege bakery and their Salted Caramel Tarte...AMAZINGNESS!

Can't wait until the next one.
Though I'm a wee bit nervous because I'm hosting.
Can you believe the girls (who ALL live downtown I know I'm super jealous!) are all coming up to my area?!
Mixture of nervousness and excitement.

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