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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Passport to Prana

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So in wanting to be more active in 2013 (ummm who doesn't?) I got a passport to prana.
Also after being in a bathing suit all day yesterday...feeling like I need to put in some hardcore gym time.
Not feeling the greatest about how I'm looking at all.
Thank goodness for the cold weather here right now so I can hide under winter layers lol.

So have you heard of Passport to Prana?
Which is amazing and reasonable if you actually use it.
So it was $30 (+ tax in Ontario + shipping) which came to $37.57 which grants you ONE class in each studio listed (in Toronto there are about 70 studios).
It expires one year after you activate it.

So I'm going tonight (Sunday) to unwind before the start of the week.
So right now this one class cost me $37.57.
I'll keep you posted as I'm (hopefully) able to bring the price per class lower and lower.

My bargain for myself is to attend at least 3 classes in the year.
Which would make each of the 3 classes $12.52 (cheaper than any drop in regular price class in the city).
Which is how I justified buying the Passport to Prana.

I'll keep you posted.

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