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Friday, January 25, 2013

Every song on the radio

You know when you're in that goofy phase of a crush or in the deepest depths of heartache and things sort of just speak to you???
Like every song on the radio makes you think of things...
Obviously my newest obsession TV show is Washington Heights (like I mentioned before).
And this last episode ughhhhhhhhh totally spoke to me.
I told you how the episode before two friends for years hooked up.

And the girl approached the boy about how she felt.
And it is EXACTLY how I feel about ummm a certain boy.
After crappy small talk and her trying to just spit it out she finally gets into it.

"its just like ...there's this ummm...what's the word?
for lack of  a better term... like vulnerability
and you ...not that you're not complete within yourself 
because you are and that's like what makes me want to pick your brain so much about stuff
there's like a little me shaped hole... 
somewhere in there
and I'd love to fill that space...
I feel like it would be a lot easier to do it as your friend 
but it would be a lot more fun to do it as more...
you follow?"

And it just SPOKE to me.
I totally get that.
It's what I'm thinking about my classmate from New Years...
Except without actually saying or doing anything about it.
I'm cool just continuing to be his friend but it sure would be a heck of a lot more fun being more.

Frankie and Ludwin
The couple from the show and clearly the classmate is just like him...super good looking, cool dresses well and I can't be the obvious grinning infatuated girl...sigh...pic from here
And I know what I should (and what I am) doing CLEARLY is trying to forget about the classmate.
But some things just make me think about him.
Darn it.

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