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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


So Saturday like I said first I went brunette (huge change).
And what else to do after that but head up to Kingston.
I hadn't seen Jane since I threw her and Eva a baby shower in the fall.

Saturday was Jane's official due date so we planned for one last girly sleepover... provided her daughter hadn't made her grand entrance.

So I drove up to Kingston.
It turned out we changed plans because Jane's parents wanted to celebrate her younger brother Ted's birthday so I crashed the fam jam.

Ted wanted to go to Red Lobster.
I don't think I've eaten there since I was 15!
So I met them over there.
Pic from here
And it was much less disastrous then I thought it was going to be (foodwise) lol.
It was great to catch up with Jane's parents too.
After that we headed to Jane's house where we proceeded to catch up, watch TV and I painted her nails for her.
And it was lovely and simple and just relaxing.

The next morning we slept in late before heading to Windmill's for brunch.
Kingston is that small of a city that we bumped into Jane's father-in-law there.
It was also packed with Queen's University students.
And rightfully so because it was delicious!
Pic from here
After that we headed down to Starbucks for coffees before I had to head back to Toronto for a birthday dinner.
It was for one of my sorority sisters that I don't know so well yet.
And I'm so glad I pushed myself to go out and I'm so glad I did.
As I'm still pushing to make new friends and grow.

We met at Earl's for dinner and it was super fun.
Pic from here
And then from there I headed to Shangri-La lobby bar to meet with MrRealtor to try to and just end things in  person.
Pic from here
And y'all it was awkward and frustrating and he just wasn't listening.
And so when he walked me back to my car I pretty much just stepped away, hopped in and drove away.
Here's how I know for sure he wasn't listening or paying attention.
He sent me this message;

"I have never seen someone wanna leave so bad so fast like before
Clearly I'm not good for you
At least that's the impression I get from you
Drive safe goodnight"

I guess the 1.5 hour conversation hadn't sunk in at that point for him.
And that's how the rest of my weekend FLEW by!

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