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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Frivolous Loot Fun

Here's some of the things that I got for Christmas...
Let's make this a little more fun and lighthearted around here.
AKA how I'm totally spoiled and should be grateful for all that I do have.

Owl Slippers

Owl Pajamas...hey at least when my parents find a theme they stick to it!

Owl cup and saucer...

An owl cereal mug...I told ya once they pick a theme they stick to it...

Some pretty party dresses! Y'all know how much I love dresses...

Pick from here
Finally a Kindle which is making my carry on so much more manageable now!!!
Pic from here
Couldn't get a Kindle without a case...I love how it looks like an old book...and the Fleur de Lis (clearly)...
Pic from here
The Clarisonic Aria for my less than happy skin...I've been using it for a week and I'm noticing a difference already.  So in love with this!
Pic from here
Sonia Kashuk Holiday 2012 Brush Set with clutch
Pic from here
Since I left my beauty blender at home I picked up this one from Target that I had read a little bit about...and I HATE is so much stiffer and just absorbs product.  The application is so much worse than the beauty blender.  It is awful and not worth the money.  I should have just stuck with the beauty's better...worth every penny.  I repeat do NOT buy this one.

Pic from here   

Gloves for the gym here...I don't like calluses 

Pic from here
A tennis racket for the courts in Florida.
Pic from here
It must be the year of the Kate Spade for me!!  Actually I think it is very similar to Taylor's bag which I loved.
From TOP left to bottom Right...those pink ones were actually the shoes I was going to wear on my almost wedding day and it seemed like a waste of perfectly good shoes so I brought them out, the Red ones are for Laurel's wedding, my first pair of Hunter's (Tall Original Gloss)...though I LOVED them in Red I went with the black because it would go with more of my coats (and with the sock inserts I can wear them as winter boots up here in Canada), My very first pair of Tory Burch Reva flats, and Michael Kors Flats for practical work reasons clearly lol!
Ummm I have a slight shoe issue (CLEARLY)...
 This find was Target on clearance and $14.  I loved the inside pattern and it is a fun blazer for work or casual wear.

Y'all I found the BEST designer consignment store ever there.
Though I was craving a GORGEOUS fur throw from Bendel's it was $1500 so I set my eyes on things only under $100 and came up with these two fabulous finds.

This LaRok dress...yes (very short mini) dress.  I can't wait to pair it up with tights, heels and perhaps look for a crop motorcycle jacket or a fur through like they had paired in the store.  My first LaRok!

This DVF skirt.  I LOVE DVF (not only because she was featured prominantly in the City lol love Whitney Port BUT because she invented the wrap dress and has fabulous print dresses that one day I will get my hands on but this fun skirt was a great find! and perfect for my shapely hips/thighs.

PS Yes these were all gifts...but a good majority were gifts to myself...Merry Christmas to me.

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