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Sunday, January 20, 2013

"If you really love Christmas..."

So I finally took Friday night to take down my Christmas tree while I watched movies and trashy TV in the I said my newest obsession Washington Heights...and oh my goodness the last episode had friends for years hooking up...and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe it made me think of New Years Eve lol.

Moving on lol.
So time to take down the Christmas tree.
Not sure if you remember last years post.

I shared some Christmas ornaments.

So I thought I would share some more.

This fun red honour Taylor's 2nd Trip to Toronto!

We wrote all our adventures on the back!
You can read about that trip here.

This is the fun angel Laurel gave me this year!

Two of my favourite things...Keys and Fleur de Lis
I changed the ribbon on my tree to a fun preppy plaid and I LOVED it!

This little one was for my dog (gosh I miss him dearly).

A gifted paddle as I used to help out with a Dragon Boat team when I lived in Singapore.

This ornament...well MrRealtor bullied me into getting an ornament with him once I told him of my tradition of picking ornaments for special times/memories/travel...and he insisted on getting one when we went wine tasting once.  He didn't take the hint when I didn't hang it on my tree.  So he did one day without me realizing...super annoying.  But don't have to worry about that anymore.

Last year's Christmas post.

And I'm not sure if you remember my yearly goals I had in for 2011.
And I didn't reveal my 2012 goals...
Until now.
As you recall I keep it in a special ornament (see last years post above!).

So here they were...

So how did I do?

Definite Fail at the first and second one.
I think I passed the third one.
The fourth goal was a sort of pass.  I had more romance but love...well not so much.
I super passed goal five with Eight Trips (all the USA but that still counts as out of the country right???
Trip #1 NYC, Trip#2 Buffalo, Trip #3 Florida, Trip #5 Chicago, Trip#6 Dallas, Trip #7 Ann Arbor, Trip #8 Florida
And the sixth and final how I dream of the Burberry day.

So 2013...what will it be?

I'm setting my goals right now and am definitely open to suggestions :)

So with that..."if you really love Christmas, come on and let it snow"  Billy Hack ~ Love Actually

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