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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I need lessons in how to break up with someone that I'm not really dating because right now I am pulling a MM...

Y'all I'm horrible.
I am pulling an MM ( the last part here if you missed how that all ended) on MrFinance (ie. just not responding to him).
Because I don't know HOW to respond ughhhhhhh!

We had a third date exactly two weeks ago.
It was okay again.
Dinner at a cute Italian place...conversation flowed as usual.
He got me three red roses (which was a beautiful surprize).
He lent me a warmer coat again for our walk to the restaurant.

I found myself venting about work to him.
Then launching into a big story of all my girlfriends and how awesome they were.
I can be the most akward person ever...just saying.

Then back to his house were we held hands and made out.
And yes I'm a perpetual high schooler.

And my heart just isn't into it.

So he called and messaged these two weeks.
I first feigned being sick as an excuse.
Then last weekend I had plans with the girls.
He called during it and I texted him I would call him "soon".

And he messaged me yesterday saying "Hey Teagan.  Thought I'd send a quick note to say hi and I hope that you are having a good week so far"
And I haven't responded!!!
And it makes me feel horrible.

So someone please tell me how to respond?!
Eva said I didn't owe him anything and could just send him a text message.
But I don't know what to write.
Part of me feels guilty and now thinks I should hang out with him one more time.
How I want to respond to his latest text.  "hey things have been crazy busy...I hope you are having an amazing week...let's hang out soon"  and that is SUCH a cop out because that is NOT how I feel.
But I can't think of how else to respond because I feel bad.

And that is rather telling isn't it.
I feel bad about not dating someone I don't feel super interested in.
Because in a way I care more about his feelings then my own.
And you know what that sucks because my actions are just like MM's.
And that is RUDE and mean and I remember being hurt by it.

So please someone tell me what to write so I can do the wussy thing and message him to end it so I"m not stringing him along like a prat.

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