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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Last weekend update...a triple birthday.

So last Saturday we had a triple birthday planned.
Especially since Brooke comes from Ottawa and Jane comes from Kingston to Toronto.
With birthdays in October and November (that would be Val's, Eva's and mine).
We decided to do dinner all together.

Since none of us have been we went to Woodbine Racetrack.

Where we enjoyed the buffet at Favourites.

Each table had a screen that made viewing much easier!

And we learned how it all worked.  And thank goodness we were inside because it was a cold night.

Gambled a little.

Likely illegal gambled a little with the custom made board that Val made.

There was cake.

Sparklers in the parking lot after.

There was presents.
A TV for Val from all of us.

Gift cards to JCrew and TopShop for me
(which I have been obsessed about since I wrote in this post here).
Homesense gift cards and a floor lamp for Eva.

Then we all went back to Eva's house for a sleepover and breakfast the next day.

The only thing that bummed me out is that it was decided from then on if you want to have a birthday party then your significant other/yourself would have to throw it.  My heart sunk a little.
I mean I've been having extreme anxiety very mixed emotions about turning 30.  (Yup I'm about to enter my thirties much to my huge disappointment but that's for another post).   
I don't know it just made me feel like that some girls have it all (career, husband, new homes, family, vacations, someone to throw them a party) and some of us don't.
And that is just how life is.

Anywho I wanted this post to be positive so ignore that last paragraph.

And it was a fun filled weekend.
With a trip to the firehall candy store which I've written about here before.
For Brooke's daughter.

Well I may have gotten a candy apple for myself.
Got to love how they slice it all up for you.
Happy soon to be birthday to me.

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  1. #1: When I went to the racetrack, we had to sit inside because it was TOO FREAKIN' HOT!!!
    #2: 30's are WAY better than 20's. We must discuss this topic when I am there in LESS THAN TWO MONTHS!!!!!

  2. I will trade you #1...AND I will never forget a very important lesson you taught me...hell is not fire and brimstone it is cold and icy bahahahaha.

    I will take your word on #2 for now...probably good to have a little hope. AND we will discuss this in LESS THAN TWO MONTHS AGHHHHHHHHHHH I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED!