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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Saturday Night Family Dinner

So my parents came into town to celebrate my birthday this past weekend.
My actual birthday is this weekend but because they have plans every weekend up until Christmas they decided to come up and spend the night.
So I had to cancel my plans with Val for Korean BBQ and a movie.

So it went from being a jeans and casual hole in the wall restaurant to dressed up fancy restaurant. 
Here's what I wore.
Dress Calvin Klein (winner's find), Shoes Mimosa

Bracelet from a small no name boutique in Singapore.

Cocktail ring from my travels in New Zealand.

I made reservations at Sassafraz which I haven't yet had a chance to eat at.
Here's the description on their website...

Set in an array of Victorian rowhouses, Sassafraz has evolved through the decades to become a magical space in the heart of historic Yorkville. Located at the corner of Bellair and Cumberland, the little yellow house has “seen it all” from the early hippie movement of the 60’s to the lack of movement that comes from too much Bordeaux. Sassafraz offers an exceptional menu serving market-driven, French-inspired Canadian cuisine.

That's in Yorkville (you can read here (Hemingway's), here (Ciao)  and here (Trattoria Nervosa) when I've been in that area before).
Pretty eh?

I guess it is considered a celebrity place.
Like here when Michelle Trachtenberg and boyfriend Scott Sanford ate there.

Or here Matt Damon ate there.

And basically a bajillion other celebrities.
Here is what it looks like outside Sassafraz during TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival).
Note the iconic yellow colour and the CROWDS of people hoping for a celebrity citing.

Alas it was not jam packing outside and I didn't run into any celebrities (though I'm not sure I would actually say or do anything if there were).
Some nice surprizes besides the impeccable service.
An amuse buche (I'm probably spelling that wrong).
Tomato, goat cheese mousse and panchetta.

Mini complimentary dessert of chocolate and strawberries (failed to take a pic).

All in all a pretty great dinner.
I love Yorkville.
Hmm maybe one day I will be lucky enough to live there.
Here's hoping.

Other pics from here

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