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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Moving to the TDot Take Two...

So last weekend I packed up my stuff and got ready to move again.
Here is the disaster of the old place as I packed up.
What a pain in the butt to pack after feeling like I barely got settled and unpacked.

Getting a little more organized...

Almost ready to go...

My room all packed up.
And yes I totally moved my clothes and linens just like Angelina from Jersey Shore.
Straight up trash bag styles...classy haha.

So I'm going to gloss over the fact of the disasters of moving that I briefly mentioned here.
And thank goodness I am officially unpacked less than a week later.
Below will be way too many pictures of way too many details of my second new place.
Without further ado welcome to my second new place in the TDot...

The entrance.
I hasten to give it a word like "grand" because in reality it is a 570sq ft tiny apartment.
But it's mine :)
And I swear one day the mirror story will occur.

Storage in the teeny apartment is a premium to in my front closet the shelves are dedicated to things like kitchen, paperwork, things to return to the girls, work out supplies (ie. non skid yoga towel), and cleaning supplies.

And toilet paper/paper towels and detergent.
Just call it my random closet of storage.

Right beside that one is a deeper closet where I keep the shoes/good purses and jackets.

Right beside that closet is the ensuite laundry.  So happy I don't have to trudge to a basement to do it.  Some of the apartments I looked at in Toronto had some SCARY laundry rooms.
And yes that is a dryel bag so I can try and do dry cleaning minimally.

Just past the hall there is my kitchen/dining room/entrance to bathroom.

Straight ahead the living room.

My obsession over the desk.  West Elm lacquer white.  I'm still loving it.
Plant courtesy of the girls.  I hope I don't kill it. 

From the living towards the entrance and kitchen.

And from the other corner. 

The tiny bathroom.

From the bathroom into the bedroom.

Purse organization. 

This closet is half the size of the other new place in TDot closet. 
And I'm doing laundry hence the empty hangers.

Oh and did you see in the living room.
The glasses Taylor gave me.
Just WAITING to be used when she comes back here in January.
I'm totally counting the days!!!

So that's it.
It's my second place.
And there is so much more to tell you.

Of third dates (MrFinance), birthday celebrations, car trouble, Jacob trouble, work drama, overseas job offers, and the generalized chaos that is my life.
More updates to come.
But for now...what do y'all think?




  2. Yea!!! Can't wait until you are here.
    Once you get your flight booked I"m going to put a HUGE BIG COUNTER on here. Miss you xo