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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Moving to Toronto Take Two

Y'all I'm in the midst of moving.
It sucks.
The movers showed up an hour and fifteen minutes late and the are so super slow. 
I am in panic mode because we have this elevator for only 30 more minutes and we are at my first place.
So super annoyed.
And my dog is so super sick...he has lost like 1.2 lbs this last week (which is a lot when you are only 5.5 lbs) so my dad took him to my hometown because at least I trust that veternarian.
But I'm probably way more stressed about that then anything.
And the movers ughhh they are killing me...and yes I say that as I sit here typing furiously on my computer (what a snob I am).
May be a few days due to internet set up issues until I post again.
And I need to post...about third dates and continued adventures.


  1. While it totally sucks that you're moving AGAIN, it is going to be fun to do another apartment tour. We're moving into our house this weekend. Thank god for movers...and a cable company that does installs on the weekends so I won't have to live without internet and tv as we unpack. :)

  2. I hope that you survived the move! Those things are never fun and especially when you are moving much sooner than you'd thought, but I'm looking forward to an apartment tour and more details on MrFinance and your decisions. :)

  3. @Beth- You are so much smarter than I am I wish I had thought of doing that so I could do internet and TV as I unpacked. Good thinking. And good luck with your move :)

    @AnEarly30- Survived ...yes! Hmmmm yes I do need to post on MrFinance will try and get to that ASAP.