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Monday, October 3, 2011

The New Place Official Tour

Sooo finally got around to organizing the place for it's first official tour.
Are you excited?
Here we go...

The grand entrance.
Mirror panelled know every girl needs a last quick check before stepping out the door.  And you better believe the MOMENT my dad entered the condo he installed an extra bolt thingy because then someone can't come in even if they have a key hahaha.
Safety first.
(Fingers crossed not to be charged for damaging the interior).

From further away you can see the bigmothermirror.
I know I keep meaning to tell you all about it.
Maybe this weekend k?
And no I'm not that narcissistic.
I just loved it the moment I saw it.

Okay since I'm accustomed to living in small spaces.
I think organization is key.
Especially for things you love.
Like shoes...

And boots...
And the essentially sticky roller thing because the dog totally sheds.
And guests also appreciate it.

Hooks are a must for me.
Especially for two essentials like the leash and keys.
I detest having to look for keys because they have found their way to some tucked away extra fold in my purse.
Problem solved I never have to look for my keys.

And here is where I perform my culinary arts.
Also know as making cakes for cake class or salads for lunch.
I know I live at extremes people!
And I totally consider the dishwasher a luxury.
Have not lived somewhere with one for more then two years almost.
And yes you can see pretty much the whole apartment from the kitchen.

The L shaped kitchen from the main area. 
And you can see the gray chairs from this post.
And in case you are wondering no
I have not figured out how to reattach the bar support thingy.

Right beside the kitchen I have the standard Ikea big bookshelf.
Holding books, family pictures, liquor, my fav wine glasses and a wine know the important things.

The couch and THE DESK!!!
Notice the coffee table.
My parents brought it with them when they immigrated from South Africa.
I used to get in trouble as a toddler for sitting on the glass.
I'm going to try and maybe dig up a photo of that from my parents place this weekend.
Spot the dog?

The TV...present from my parents.
Who basically couldn't fathom me lugging my huge box TV here
(it is a TV I've had since grade 4!)
And yes I had somehow convinced my parents in grade 4
I absolutely needed a TV in my room to do homework.
Wish I was still that great of a negotiator.

My Laundry "room".
I totally crammed everything I could in there!

The bathroom.

I find it kind of creepy that I can take a picture without catching myself in the mirror.
Well almost I think you can see my elbow.

It's the small details.
Like a daily reminder that I need to get to Paris at some point soon.

And Fleur de Lis on the towels.
That are totally crooked.
Should have fixed that haha.

And finally where the magic happens.
Errrr would happen.
If there was someone magical.
There is case you are wondering.

Trying to stay organized.
The "good" purses are on the top shelf.
The others line the back of the door.

This is how I organize my jewellry.
I'm sort of obsessed with 3M hooks.
And I find if I have things easily accessible I actually rotate my jewellry.

I spy my Lilly Bag that Taylor brought from Dallas for me :)

And that's it folks.
Well in case you wondering if I am always so super neat and organized.
For the most part I am.
Minus the messy corner waiting to head back to my home town this weekend.
My little "corner of chaos".

Oh well no one's perfect.
And if I didn't show you it maybe you would think I was perfect.
I have crooked towels and a corner of chaos.
I'm sooooooooooo not perfect.
And I'm trying to be getting better at being okay with that.


  1. Still in the middle of reading, but ooh I figured out how to fix your barstool (maybe). Get an L shaped bracket and attach it either the inside or bottom of the bar on both sides and screw it in. It's an idea any way ;) . Back to reading now...

  2. Love all the hooks idea. May have to borrow that one. Oh and here's the kind of bracket I'm talking about:

  3. Thanks so much for the tour and for catching us up with your life! :)