Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Good Wednesday

Y'all I just have to tell ya!
What a random (but good) Wednesday.
After having a sluggish start to the week (ie. Jacob's meltdown to which I'm taking a breather from).
I felt sort of lost.

Then earlier this week I got an official job offer in Singapore.
Which truth be told I'm secretly thinking of taking.
I miss it.
I miss the lifestyle.
The TDot is slightly disappointing.
My family and friends would KILL me so I have no one to talk about it with.

Earlier in the week.
In a ploy to not think of Jacob I may have signed up for a dating site that rhymes with B-shmarmony and by this morning I had 27 communication requests and I'm totally overwhelmed.
And it's like do I be cool and not go on it tonight because I'm sooo cool and sooo busy.
Or am I supposed to go on it like every day?
Part of me feels like I should only go on every few days.

And I think I also need to be a little more harsh because sometimes I wonder if maybe I'm too starting to respond to every single person requesting because they were nice enough to send me something...even thought I may not think we are exactly suited.
And no I don't just mean the creeper scary looking ones but the ones who ask you in a first round of questions when is it okay to be intimate with someone...seriously.
FYI I think that is a highly inappropriate first round question (which I liken to first date questions and that one weirds me out) but what do I do...I totally respond because I feel bad.
I need to be a bit tougher. I think.
But I wonder ...would those of you out there in relationships etc. would you have picked your partner off just a few profile pics and paragraphs?
I'm not sure how to give this whole internet dating a proper "go" of it.
Today was spent in between two offices.
One in corporate head where I interact with the intimidating big wigs.
I knew I had the stressor coming.

Anywho it was just one step in trying to make myself make an EFFORT to start liking Toronto.
Here's a big shocker I need to make more of an effort.

So today I used my sorority alumni website to try and take down someone else as the president of alumni association never responded to my two emails.

So I found out during work that they were having a meeting tonight.
And though it was last minute.
I pushed myself to go.
And when it started is pouring and was miserable out.
I pushed myself to go.
When traffic made me 30 minutes late I still pushed myself to go.

And you know what I'm so SOOOO glad I did.
I was interacting with everyone.
And meeting people.
AND y'all it is our Alumni Associations 90th YEAR!!!
Talk about history.
So we had a champagne toast and sang a song.
And I made plans for next Thursday and the following Sunday!

And just when you think it couldn't get any better.
I totally cornered a girl about my age who recently relocated to Canada in July with her fiance.
She is from a southern-ish state.
AND I had this sort of dejavu (except I'm trying NOT to get too excited yet about it).
But I offered to drive her home (because of the pouring rain ridiculousness) and may have also had an alterior motive...

You see about 6 years ago now I went to my first sorority alumni meeting in Dallas.
With a brilliant bubbly blond girl.
She drove me to the meeting and back.
And chatted my ear off and I LOVED her instantly.

Yup I'm talking about my bestie Taylor.
So you see I'm secretly hoping maybe this will also turn into a life long friend and sister too.
I know I know I'm totally dreaming big here.
And don't worry I totally asked for her number
(gosh it sounds just like dating eh?  I'm such a nerd).
And I am totally giddy after the whole night.
So I'm definitely going to make the effort because I am so SO greatful that Taylor made the effort for me.

Anywho it is nice to have a random Wednesday of good stuff.


  1. HURRAY! Good for you, girlie! I had a good random Wednesday, too. Something must've been in the air.

  2. Yay good for you! :) I want to hear more about this secret job offer. What are you going to do?