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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Because I think I'm YHL or something

Okay I admit a zillion other people I love YoungHouseLove.
I love their style.
That they do things on a budget.
That they are a happy family.
And that they have a dorky sense of humour.

So anywho I always wondered if I could do something like they did.
Turns out I should be less ambitious like replacing knobs on a dresser (like my new one here).

I found these chairs at the Urban Barn Clearence Centre.
Where all damaged and display items from Urban Barn go to perish have handy people buy and refinish/improve.
Handy being they key word.

These guys were this price.
Note the usual price.

I loved the gray colou.
The tufting.
And the fact that they weren't like every other leather bar chair everyone seems to have.

Can you see the chips off the legs?
I figured I could pick up some handy fixing things at the store and try them out on all the scratches.
So I picked this up.

The verdict...
The wax crayons were USELESS do not get these.
The pen was decent...

from far (obvious from this shot).

So I was pretty proud of myself.
Until this happened...

I am so out of my league with this fix.
Poor Val had put her feet up on it and it stapped right off.

So maybe no one will notice if I keep them side by side until I can get them fixed.

And really they will go into storage because I'm moving to a smaller place.
That has no bar.
Maybe I can have my dad fix it.

I'm so not YHL.
I still love what they do but clearly I was too ambitious.

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