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Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Clean Slate...Welcome to my new place

I am in the midst's of moving.
But I did manage to snap a few pics of my new (small) place.
It might be a bit before I can blog because I don't have internet yet.
And will be busy unpacking and getting organized.

So without further are the "before" shots.

My first there anything as lonesome as packing up your car and moving by yourself.
Nevermind I just decided it isn't lonesome it is indepedant and freeing (and really all my friends are away for Labour Day weekend). 

When you walk into my apartment you see...well basically the entire thing. haha
Well at least the living room/dining room/office/den.
And yes that is a dishwasher you spy wahoo!

The entrance. 
Slidy mirror doors for last minute wardrobe and makeup checks = awesomeness.

The view from the living/dining room/office/den area into the kitchen.

From this area you see a "nook" with three doors.
Door #2 (the middle door)

  Door #2 Houses ensuite washer and dryer...yup I'm living it up huge in the TDot!

Door #1 Leads into the Bedroom.
And you can see my sweet view from my 3rd floor apartment...repeat after me...keep your blinds closed when you change!

My closet door panels.
Plasticy and white...and I'm not loving looking at them.
I need some suggestions of what to do with them.
Keep in mind it is a rental (therefore has to be removeable and nondamaging).
And I want to shy away from putting photographs up there as it would remind me too much of a dorm room.

Closet storage.

And in case you were wondering from the top picture...that sure is PVC pipe as the closet hanger.

The bathroom.

Another bathroom pic from the corner.

One of the best parts of this weekend?...
Finally living with my Texas native roommate.

Moving time!
Hope everyone has a fabulous long weekend.


  1. Congrats!! It's beautiful!!

    Regarding the closet doors, could you remove them and use a curtain? Or maybe get some pretty removable wallpaper or contact paper with big pretty stripes. That might look cheesy, though - I'm no designer :) . Also, after a little research, I heard that some can be flipped around. These might not be, but it's worth a look - maybe there's a mirror on the other side?

  2. I'm in Maine right now...found a Maple Tree...made me think of you. I took a pic and will post on my blog when I can finally catch up. Happy moving weekend!!!

  3. Love it! How much would I love sliding around on the gorgeous hardwoord floors? So, so much.

    I wonder if you could find a cool vinyl decal for your closet doors. Tons of Etsy sellers have some really unique stuff...


  4. Love it! So exciting to finally have your own place.

  5. A made me think... tons of people are doing stick-on wall decals on their walls. I'm sure you could find a really fun pattern for your closet doors.