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Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Wedding Day...just kidding

I tried to ignore the fact that today was to be my wedding day.
Only life was like, "Just kidding".
Life can be funny like that.

At least I got to focus on the fun weekend for Jane's 30th birthday bash!
Brooke drove from Ottawa to Kingston to meet up with Jane and they actually drove into Toronto Friday night.
We had a fabulous night of wine, cheese, and more wine.
Val met us at my new place and we broke it in with it's first little party.

We stayed up late watching Something Borrowed (my new favourite movie).
Saturday we got up and made breakfast before heading to ...West Elm.
Thank goodness for my ladies because that desk comes in a huge heavy box!

The store is gorgeous and stunning and I can't wait to go back again.
It is the first and only West Elm in Canada.
So that new white desk was coming home with me :)
After we battled downtown traffic to pick it up we hurried back to my place to meet Val and Eva for birthday pedicures.

My toes now have on "I"m not really a waitress" perfect for this cooling fall weather and a classic OPI colour.

Then we headed to a wonderful restaurant in Burlington so that Quinn could join us.
Her being preggo and oncall for work made it better for us to head there.
It's called Spencer's and it's right on the water. was the wedding reception being held there too.
So much for trying to block weddings from my mind that day.

I had the lobster which was delicious.
I have never thought of putting french fries with lobster.
But it came in a paper cone and every time I've had french fries in a paper cone they do NOT disappoint.

Eva made Jane's cake from our new skill of cake decorating in Week One - Stars (more about that later).
Isn't it amazing?!
Purple is Jane's favourite colour.

She CUT the cakes from rectangular ones she didn't use a "3" pan or anything.
Eva is definitely our talented Martha Stewart friend (much like Taylor-the totally remind me of each other).
Maybe that's why they are my besties!

So they all at one point had consequtively stepped into the bathroom after I started the trend.
But then Brooke came back carrying a plant.
I thought she had taken it maybe from the fancy bathroom (but wait we weren't that tipsy yet!)

So they gave it to me (the plant).

Plus a box of my favourite dessert treat (macarons).
These ones are from Bobette and Belle in Toronto.

And a card.
So was I.
Until I read the front of the card.

And it was because they remembered.
They remembered what today could have been.
And this year.
And I quickly blinked back tears.
And they all just said to read it later.

And I thanked them.
As I tried to keep the tears back.
Even though it was Jane's 30th birthday and I didn't really mention it to them.
They remembered.
Because that is what best friends do.
And I felt hope and I felt loved and I felt incredibly lucky.

Moving on because I'm tearing up again.
We then headed to Second City.
Don't know what that is...
Side note:
The Second City opened its doors on
a snowy Chicago night in December of 1959.
No one could have guessed that this small cabaret
theatre would become the most influential
and prolific comedy theatre in the world.

Soon, Second City's sister-theatre in Canada
developed its own sketch comedy series, SCTV,
hailed as one of the greatest comedy series of all time
and featuring an all-star cast that included
Martin Short, Andrea Martin, Catherine O'Hara,
John Candy, Eugene Levy, Dave Thomas,
Joe Flaherty and Rick Moranis.

Today, The Second City continues to produce
the premiere comic talent in the industry.
From Mike Myers to Steve Carell,
Stephen Colbert to Tina Fey
– The Second City imprint is felt across every
entertainment medium.

It is pretty much a Saturday Night Live type sketch comedy.
It was hilarious and we were rolling with laughter.
I definitely recommend.
And who knows maybe you will see the next Tina Fey out there.
Before we knew it it was 1am so we all headed back to Eva's for a sleepover.

The next morning she made us a big breakfast before we all headed our seperate ways.
Jane, Brooke and I went to a few shops.
Then we came back to my place for them to help me set up the desk!

We opened the box to discover.
A chip on one of the front drawers!

Which is really noticible on the front of the desk especially because the finish is a gorgeous white shiny lacquer.
So I called West Elm and there FABULOUS customer service arranged to deliver a new desk and exchange the old one. (Which thank goodness because it is heavy and too big of a box for me to manuever all alone).  So I had to be patient before I could get it all set up.

Then we went to sort of this less then nice area in Toronto so I could find a 5 drawer dresser.
Everywhere basically they were $800 +.
Even places like West Elm and Restoration Hardware (that is more like $1200) and other stores like The Brick.
I guess it is because that is where those places make money.  Often their bedroom sets will not include the 5 drawer dressers (usually they are like a bed frame, longer dresser with mirror and night stands).
So we went to this area and the first couple of stores had the same kind of pricing.
Then we were in this one place.
And used our negotiating skills.
And offered to take the floor model (which was missing some drawer pulls).
And were able to score this bad boy for $200 (including taxes!!!).
It was the display and we offered to get it off his hands right then and there.
So we hauled it back to my place (thank goodness for Brooke and Jane).

Then they left for home.
So I sat down with a cup of coffee and my macarons and my card.
And read it and bawled my eyes out (in a totally good way).
Go ahead read it.
I challenge you not to cry.

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