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Monday, September 5, 2011

The process of moving in...

So this is how I spent my first week.
I half moved in because my condo doesn't allow moving in on Sundays or Holidays.
So my first week in the new place was spent on my Aerobed that I've had since I've first moved to Texas years ago.
You can bet my dog jumped on the bed any chance he got.
And yes you do see a new TV box in the background...courtesy of my super awesome dad.

Then my new Keurig...well Mr. Coffee small single brewer.
I used to have a bigger Keurig but it broke (well the electrical panel or something) and I was a lot happier spending $70 for this model versus the $149 for the actual larger Keurig.

Breakfast in bed...not quite what I imagined.
But my new obsessively favourite movie is Something love love.
And yup the night before I totally used the face wash wipes from pure laziness and they are sitting there are the floor (how embarrassing?!)
And obviously there is a rather phallic looking banana in my grasp.

Next up... how NOT to attached legs to a table.
I will admit...Eva and I spent an hour trying to figure it out.
Why the screw just would not tighten and the legs were wobbly.

We honestly gave up.
24 hours later I finally figured it out.
I had the legs on the wrong side!!!!
This table was gifted to me from Quinn and her husband so there were no instructions.
However I am super embarrassed about how long it took me to realize this.
Sometimes I wish I had a handy man.

So that's pretty much how my first week was in my new place.
More to come...
Of the new (temporary) place.
Oh what fun adventures I have...

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