Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Things are good ...despite the drama

Hey y'all
Just wanted to drop a quick note...

#1 to thank you for the support and kind comments
(did I mention I love love LOVE your comments)

#2 to let you know the posts yesterday were in the interest of real time and just getting it out (why I need to blog) so I would not linger on the drama

#3 things are actually good but I haven't posted about all the great things in the last two weeks

So let's nevermind the exboyfriend drama as I'm sure it will continue for a little bit (well not Jacob specifically because I NEED to put that fire out fast)...but things are going better...the new place and a few other things have me generally feeling positive and moving in the right direction with a couple of hicc-obs hahaha

Love y'all!