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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cake Decorating Class One

Eva, Val and I decided to take Michael's Course 1.
As a way to get together mid week but with a goal in mind.
So week one was mainly a basics and intro class.

And we learned to make stars.
It was good.
We only got into trouble once.

The only thing we all agreed upon was how difficult it was in terms of prep.
There is a lot of prep for these classes.
So therefore we will take a break before attemping other such classes.

Here are the results of class one.

Can you guess who cookies are whose???
I will reveal later.
Here was the inspiration/instructions for the cookies.

Here are whose cookies are whose...
Did you guess correctly.

I made some for my staff with there initials.
So it was fun.
And I think we are ready for the next week's lesson.

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