Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Update

I had a conference for work.
It was great but a little stressful rubbing elbows with the big wigs.
What was interesting about the conference is I obviously had my phone off.
Which meant Jacob had unanswered emails all morning.
Therefore I wasn't able to convince him to come to Toronto.
Not that I want to convnice him to come to Toronto.
But obviously this passive boy would need some extra reassurance if he was to come.
Therefore he didn't come Friday.
Then I had to rush across the TDot to see a potential apartment (which means yes I officially am moving...I think). 

I got up early to get my fabulous desk delivered from West Elm (sans chip yippee!!)
It is awesome and you will see it in its glory on official apartment tour post.
Other then that nothing big happened...

Just kidding...In the morning had 10 emails from Jacob.
I let him know he could CALL me if it was important.
And then he did.
I was flooded with mixed emotions.
He sounded the EXACT same.  Our conversation fell in a natural rhythm.
Well natural for discussing our completely screwed up situation which basically boiled down to this.
He wants to be with me (he says). 
Willing to move to Canada or other locations (this was our issue before JUST geography...he wanted to live in Philly I wanted to live where it didn't snow).
He called off the engagement Sunday.  Then talked to fiancee on Monday (and her parents).
Which led to more talking and it being back on. 
Which led to another engagement called off Tuesday to be back "on" Wednesday.  But not planning a wedding (are you keeping up?).  To Thursday when he wanted to come up but shouldn't until everything was finalized (agreed).  To justifying why he should come up.  To Friday's decision then reversal of said decision.

Which brought us to our current position Saturday.
Where I finally got mad and said, "You are being completely passive.  Why don't you make up your mind what you do want and take an action...and then I totally quoted Something Borrowed...only I'm guessing he doesn't know it "she deserves deserve better...heck I deserve better".
To which he replied "I know what I'm coming right are what matters...I need to show you that I'm completely serious.  I'm coming I will call you from my car"
CLICK...I sat in stunned silence.
What had I done?!
I wanted him to take care of his *cough*old business*cough* before getting down to any "new business" if you catch my drift.

So he calls 20 minute later on the road.
And we chat for about 2 and a half hours while he drives (and while I full fledge panic!).
Then I hear it a -call waiting-sound on his end.
He clicks over...

It wasn't what you think.
His sister thought she was going into labour.
So he pulled over and asked me what he should do.
And I said "clearly you need to turn around and drive back home".
And he said "are you sure?"
And I said "absolutely!"
And with that he turned around.

And I proceeded to get ready to go out for dinner with my friends in Toronto.
This is a big deal because I could have easily just stayed in pajamas and bummed around.
Instead I forced myself to pick out something fashion-ey and cool (I think).

All together for dinner was Jane and her husband (who drove down from Kingston), Jane's brother and his wife, Eva and her husband, Val and myself.
Want to see my outfit?
I was feeling sort of spunky.
I wore my KimK inspired outfit from going to a club a few months ago with Shelby.

Yup my bootie is obviously still there.

When I got to the restaurant Parkette I parked in front of it but didn't see the signage so I walked 6 blocks away from it.  Though it did earn me a "nice legs" and a whistle which was totally worth it hahaha.
Really great restaurant...just a cute little spot that probably sat 30 people max.
Would love to go back.

Our table was the long bar one on the right of the restaurant.

A better picture from off the webz.

At dinner I told Jane, Eva and Val about what had happened. 
CLEARLY we are not meant to see each other.

Anywho we had a great dinner...and they all gave me their varying opinons.
Sort of like Sex and the City Cafe conversations.

Anywho afterwards the crew was going to head to a tequilla bar.
I was EXHAUSTED I think it was the week of emotional rollercoastering whiplash thanks to Jacob.  So I came home and crashed.


I did nothing but 4 loads of laundry, a ton of dishes, grocery shopping, picked up something for the dog and tried to get organized for the week.
Then I had a much needed phone call update with my bestie Taylor!
It was awesome.
Gosh I miss that girl so darn much.
I'm not going to spoil all her fun fantastic news so if you know who she is check it all out.
I'm so so so SOOOO proud of her and what has happened in her life these last two years.
It is amazing when someone so incredibly smart, beautiful and talented has things good happen to her!
And I'll let you in on a little secret.  2012 trip is in the works....SO.EXCITED!

So other then that Sunday was rather uneventful.
Except I may have talked to Jacob...twice.
Because really I apparently cannot cut that loose...even when I try.

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  1. Ahhh! So much to comment on and I don't even know where to start! You look adorable. The whole Jacob thing is -- oh, gosh. Complicated. I wish I knew what to say. I'm glad you had a good talk with your friends about it. And planning a 2012 trip?! YAY!

  2. I know right?! So much random stuff going on. Thanks for the compliment. I think Jacob is always going to be complicated. Yes 2012 trip with "Taylor"...and you know... I hear Michigan is pretty darn close to Toronto...just saying ;)