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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hanging out with the cool kids

So let me tell you about my amazing Friday night.
Had a crazy day at work and then hopped in my car to drive downtown because I was late already.
You see I've been trying to meet up with (oh lets call her) Laurel for a few weeks since we met this night.  She is a sorority alumni who recently moved here.

So Friday afternoon we were going to grab coffee.
Then I ended up late at work so she invited me to have dinner with her and her fiance.
And I had a blast.
I totally didn't feel like a third wheel.

They are SOOO much fun and so nice.
They met will at graduate school in the UK (he is Canadian, she is American).
And I felt like I was hanging out with people who were in the "in crowd" in Toronto.

Too bad I was in a sweater vest haha (I swear I will take a pic the next time I rock that look).
So they said to meet up at Salad King.
I was thinking it was going to be like a salad bar thing.

Ummmm NO WAY.
It was a cool, trendy and super packed Thai place RIGHT downtown.
Look how amazing it is.

I loved the bright colours everywhere.
It was lively and bright and trendy and fun.

It is basically long tables so you end up sitting amongst groups.
And last night it was JAM PACKED.

So cute.

 And the food was AMAZING!  So so so good.
And tons to pic from.

May be a place Taylor and I have to hit up when she comes to for TDot Round Two.

We spent dinner talking about how we can improve the alumni night group.
We were laughing and just having great conversation.
Then Laurel's finace suggested a movie and invited me along.

So I agreed and we went to the coolest theatre ever.
We took a cab a little uptown.
The theatre was tiny and had super comfy seats.
They are into film festival type movies (and have memberships to TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival).

So we watched Martha Marcy May Marlene.
Starring Elizabeth Olsen (sister of the famous Olsen's).

I admit not my usual movie.
But it evoked some strong feelings.
Mainly discomfort.
But in a weirdly good way.
Ending was not to my liking too much but it suited the movie.
Boy did I feel trendy last night.
Maybe my movie tastes are evolving.
I had never heard of it until last night.
Here's the trailer.

Then they walked me to the subway (so I could get back to my car).
And I gave them both big hugs and we promised to hang out again soon.
Seriously great night.

And while riding the subway towards downtown for a second.
I felt like a young single girl...
Living downtown  and having a great Friday night that I didn't even see coming that morning.

Pics from here here here here here here here here here


  1. Girl, you have a FABULOUS life!!!! And you have no clue how many more fabulous nights like this are in store for you!!! Your 30's are going to be AMAZING!!! I'm so jealous of your new fabulous 'sex-and-the-city' city life!!!!

  2. Thanks girlie :) I learned from the best! Thank you thank you...PS so freaking excited P.Sawyer (ummm but substitue your initial and new fabulous last name which sounds AMAZING by the way). Can't believe it is in 60 days!!!Love you xoxoxoxo