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Monday, November 7, 2011

Car Drama: When it rains it pours...

So not last week but during my hectic moving week.
I was driving home from downtown.
I take an express way from downtown to north eastern border of Toronto where I live.
Think of it like highway 75 if you live in Dallas.

So it was a Tuesday just after 7:30pm dark and it had been pouring all day.
It was a ROUGH day at work.
I also had my upcoming 3 month review coming up that Thursday which I was majorly stressing.

I just wanted to get home and I was worried about quite a few things including how my dog was feeling, packing, the thought of packing, work stress, etc.
As I was hurrying along going about 110km/hour all of a sudden my windshield wipers froze in place.

Uh oh.
So I pulled onto the side of the highway.
Tried turning the car on and off.
And still nothing.

So I debated what to do.
And got off the nearest exit and continued the 30 minute drive home.
With this kind of view.

See how the wipers are FROZEN STUCK NOT MOVING!
Turns out windshield wipers one of those things that are an absolute necessity in the rain.
SO this = not so awesome.
Not to mention terrifying.
The next day I took it in to get repaired.

Turns out I snapped a piece of a motor that makes the windshield wipers go back and forth.
Also know as a $1028.18.
Super big ouch.

Car's are such a pain in the butt.
And that's what happened midweek amongst all the other drama.


  1. I am amazed at how composed you are through all that is going on! Way to go, you! Love, love your new place and how quickly you made it comfortable and cute.

  2. Hahaha probably less than composed then you think.. I just had a few days :) I'm trying to find my "home" it's coming along though.