Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dallas Trip~ Thursday (Day One)...The Arrival!

Working up to my trip things were crazy busy!
I felt like I almost wasn't going to make it to Dallas.
I worked an earlier shift so I could make it to the airport in time.

Leading up to it I was nervous and excited.
Coupled with my busy day of not eating at all...
I was a little awkward when MrPravda came to drop me off at the airport.
A lot awkward actually.

I think I was just so full of different emotions.
We had just come off of this date...and I still wasn't 100% feeling great by the time I was to take off.
He was perfectly sweet.
He even parked the car to help me in with my luggage.

And as I got to the ticket area he was like "this is you".
So I was like "ummm okay".
Though MrPravda did send me a cute text saying he was looking forward to a thicker southern accent when I got back to Canada.
Then I headed to customs.

They totally gave me a hard time because my hair is on the lighter side now versus my dark hair in my passport picture.
After I cleared that I found the only place in the terminal to eat that served warm food.
(Toronto airport kind of sucks actually with that kind of stuff).

I also may have had a cocktail while waiting for my food...heck it was the start of my vacation!

So I had a mediocre hamburger.
And got ready to head out.
One final picture outside the airplane window.

And it was goodbye to Toronto (at least for a little while).
And I got to enjoy SkyMall which is a guilty pleasure of mine.
And I may or may not have one of these wallet things on the cover.
(However I received it as a promo in a swag bag from a meeting last year I didn't buy it from Skymall...truth be told I've never purchased anything from SkyMall...yet).

From being sick and my sinus congestion the flight was so very painful to my head.
I was very happy to land.
And when I landed the feeling of pure bliss.
It felt already like coming home.

And then to have my gorgeous and (now pregnant) bestie pic me up outside!
I was so completely thrilled.
We headed to her BEAUTIFUL home that I got to see in real life 
(and not just during facetime chats).

I met her amazing sweet husband MrArchitect.
And then we stayed up gabbing.
It was so so hard to keep the secret I was keeping.

But I was easily distracted giving her some cute things I had purchased for her.
Like ...
Taylor has a pair of Uggs so I could not resist an itty bitty baby pair.

Seriously it was pink and had polka dots...could not resist!  And I LOVE little ones on white tights!

I loved the sweet details of the buttons.  The quality of Joe Fresh is incredible!

To me this seemed very Canadian...a really nice knit.  Though the buttons might be a bit of a pain.

I loved how these buttons were little hearts!

Before we knew it it was getting late and we had to get up early to head out the next day.
I went to sleep happy and excited and with a feeling of calm I haven't felt in a VERY long time.


  1. You picked out such cute stuff for the baby! Adorable. Sky Mall is totally a guilty pleasure of mine, too. I love mindlessly flipping through it. No trip is complete without Sky Mall!