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Friday, September 21, 2012


So y'all... I just realized during my daily snip-its of convo with Taylor 
That I completely blanked on a post about a first date with MrRealtor.
Not sure why I didn't write about it but it was likely because of my internet crashing multiple times in August.  

So about two weeks before my Dallas trip on a random Tuesday night...
I went on a blind date/set up from me being at my co-workers wedding single 
(read here if ya missed it)

He came to pick me up and he was cute!
I thought...way to go co-worker for the handsome set up.
And he wanted to try a place his best childhood friend talks about and frequents.

Of course I happily oblige because I love trying new places.
So we went to Church Aperitivo Bar.
It's in the Queen Street West neighborhood of downtown Toronto.
Pic from here.
Church doors heading outside
Pic from here  these are the inside doors.
Pic from here.  Kind of easy to miss at night!

Pic from here  Love the sign and the simplicity because it was a church.
As we walked in MrRealtor is like "no way".
And said "no way what?"
His friends that recommended the place were there with two other couples.
I suggested he go say hello while I sit down (because umm hello that could get awkward).
Pic from here 
Pic from here
Upon returning he assured me that this wasn't planned.
And I laughed telling him, "well I guess your friends really do like this place".
Admittedly I was distracted and just a little "off" that night anyway.
Exposed brick wall preserved from original structure
Pic from here

We decided to order a bunch of stuff to share (my FAV style of eating).
We had...
  • The crostini and selected black olive spread, cured salmon, roasted red peppers and sauteed wild mushrooms.
  • Polenta Fries with side of spicy tomato sauce and fontina, gorgonzola truffle sauce.
  • Meatballs, veal and pork with house made sugo
  • Veal and pork meatballs with house-made sugo ($8)
    Pic from here

The also had really fun cocktails.
I ordered one called The Saint which was Vanilla Smirnoff Vodka, Prosecco, Cointreau, lime juice, and apricot nectar.
It was delish.

I had a good time though.
Afterwards we debated about going out for drinks but couldn't find Barchef 
(the place he wanted to take me to). 
I said if we drive by it and miss it then we can just call it a night.
So we did.

The night ended with a hug.
I couldn't really read him to be honest.
We said we would hang out again but I wasn't sure.

I'll give you a hint.
We did.

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