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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dallas Trip ~ Tuesday (Day Six)

Today was all set for another big shopping day.
With that we first headed to Cavender's to find me some boots!

Very Americana looking!
I was so super excited! 

There were clearly so so many options.

Good thing I had the most amazing shopping partner EVER in Taylor.
I really am not usually a big shopping person but with Taylor I have SO much fun!!!
We also had the sweetest man helping us named Kirk.
When I settled on a pair I asked to take a picture with him and he happily obliged.

The brand is Lucchese.
And I love them!!!
To me they are the classic cowboy boot.  They already look worn in and they are super comfy.

Did you know that these boots are all made by hand???
I had no idea.

So you have to match them up by sticker underneath the sole.
So each and every pair is a little bit unique and not the exact same!

After that we went to Lilly Pulitzer in SouthLake.
Pic from here.
And they were in the process of redecorating and painting the walls by hand.
This was the day we were there.

Pics from their FB page.

Obviously obsessed with the wall and how they show the Lilly colours!

They call this their Texas toile

Not sure how I feel about this star mirror though.

Their super cute bathroom.  Love the Aquanet Hair Spray cans on the ceiling.

This is what we saw and it was done so perfectly it looked like wallpaper.
I love Lilly!
Here is what I scored from Lilly.
My first drink cup this style (obviously in our sorority print).
Pic from here.

My fabulous new phone case.
Pic from here.

And a planner for 2013.  I'm seriously obsessed with planners.

Pic from here.  Monthly agenda in Dirty Shirley print.
Then we headed to the Cheesecake Factor for some food before heading to a meeting she had.
Then it was off to bed for us two girls.
I was heartbroken at having to leave the next day.
I cannot believe how quickly this trip flew by!

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