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Monday, September 17, 2012

Dallas Trip ~ Sunday (Day Four)

That morning we had a secret to keep.
We had planned for the last couple of weeks. 
A super secret baby shower for Taylor.

Foiled by the failed attempt the night before to sneak out of the house.
We thought our only chance was to have PinkSundrops sneak out of the house by herself.
We made up an excuse that she went to CVS because of eye pain and then had a boyscout emergency to deal with over the phone.
We were trying to make up any plausible excuse.

And we were STRESSED.
I even tried to change breakfast places because I was so worried we would be so late.
But not to do so in an obvious way.

So we headed to BreadWinners a fav of ours Uptown.
The wait time was over an hour (I was in a PANIC about it).
But we were able to sit outside (in the shade) and be seated immediately.
Thank goodness.

We all ordered different Scrambles which was AMAZING!

My fav symbol is the Fleur de Lis so I obviously noticed this one on the menu.


My was DELISH!!!  And a glass of ice water because it was H O T!
So as we finished up breakfast I leaned over to PinkSundrops showing her a "photo" on my phone.
However it was a typed note saying... "Melody's car better break down soon!!!"
And magically she texted Taylor that her car broke down and if we could help.
Only this was waiting...

The AMAZING spread...

Didn't PinkSundrops and Melody do an AMAZING job with the decor?!?!?!?!  

It was a book theme so this is how we displayed the "menu".

Book garland.  And you can see the AMAZINGNESS that are PinkSundrops legs....seriously I am so super jealous.  She had the cutest dress on with lace peeking out.  And y'all her legs...I wish I could have legs like these.  I have the prettiest girlfriends.  

The wedding favours were OPI in the shade "It's a Girl!" rather appropriate don't you think.?
So y'all we pulled it off!
I couldn't believe it.
And I think she was happy with it.
Gah I can't believe she is going to have a baby in a few weeks.
This little girl is super lucky...her mom is an amazing, smart and beautiful woman.
And we all can't wait to meet her.

The day flew by.
Taylor, PinkSundrops and I returned to Taylor's house.
We munched on leftovers and just chilled.
And I had another fabulously blissful day of vacation!

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  1. Heck, I haven't even taken time to post or comment about the baby shower. You did such a beautiful post about the baby shower, though, I feel like it's been done. And, gah, your compliments on my legs make me blush ;) . Nice to hear, especially after having varicose vein surgery. May have to go back again for the same thing, too! Hot yoga is fun but made some problem areas not so happy!

    This was such a wonderful, happy weekend!! I almost *don't* want to do a follow up post because then I will have to realize the weekend is done and over for good. Part of me is hoping that it was just a dream and we'll get to do it all over again! xo