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Monday, September 3, 2012

Replies and Jibberjabber

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I'm bored of MrDentalSurgeon.
We had this sort of awkward date now two weeks ago (here if you missed it).
Then I didn't hear from him until this text almost a WEEK later.
To which I'm dumb and replied (here).

Then I was irritated that he took a day or so to respond with this jem of a conversation last Sunday evening...
I'd say it's time for another ...what I say ...what I think conversations.

Him:  Golfed today - starting to feel better.  How are u feeling?
Me: So so...basically slept and watched movies all weekend :( totally have cabin fever now....I'm so not meant to stay home all weekend!  Haven't been this sick in a very long time
Really you seriously didn't have time to text this whole week?  Never mind pick up the phone and call???
Him:  Awful :(  Did you miss any work this week?
Me:  Should have but I powered through...I'm busy because of going away soon.  Did you miss any work?
I'm BOOOOOOOOOOORED this conversation is even boring me...what the heck?
Him:  Didn't miss any but had a couple of days with heavy Advil Cold and Sinus intake :s
Seriously how am I supposed to respond to this....I have no response to this because frankly I'm bored...

So I didn't respond.
He knows I would be leaving soon for Dallas.
He doesn't care.
He so needs to be cut from the roster.

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