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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Third time's the charm

So I was left sort of wondering if there would be a third date with MrRealtor.
We were pretty chatty over text the next few days.
We had made plans to see each other Saturday night.

So Friday I had a nutso day at work.
And I got a phone call from a florist saying they were delivering flowers.
I got upset because Friday was Jane's birthday and I had arranged for flowers to be delivered to work.
So I thought there was some kind of mistake.

Only when the flowers got to wasn't a mix up...

Love the pink!!!
How excited was I?!?! 
What a sweet and thoughtful gesture.

Though I'm not sure about the message.
I can only imagine that it is hard to come up with what to write seeing that we are early on in hanging out...what do y'all think of the message?

It definitely made me feel super special.
And it's so nice to have lovely fresh flowers to smell in my apartment.
It also made me even more excited for Saturday.


So Saturday night almost couldn't come fast enough.
He made mention of going to a steakhouse and a show.
And all I could think was Oh no! I HOPE we do NOT go to the Keg.
And I was disappointed with a suggestion of a show because I wanted to talk and get to know him better not sit in a dark theatre watching a movie.

It was a wonderful Saturday night date.
He looking so darn handsome...wearing dress shoes/jeans/a light sweater and a blazer
(seriously my fav!)
We went downtown and headed to Bardi's a classic steakhouse.
Pic from here.
It was super romantic.
Though I think it also had something to do with the company too ;)
Love their wine cellar
Pic from Bardi's website.
Pic from Bardi's website...we sat in the top right booth.  Definitely an old school vibe.
Time absolutely flew by.
The food was really good too!
Before I knew it we needed to head to our show.

Which ended up being the "We've totally (probably) got it!"show at Second City.
Which is a sketch comedy show.
The last time I went there was last year for Jane's birthday.

Pic from here.
So we spent the night giggling and laughing and holding hands.
Near the end I got up to go the bathroom and he was like "hey come here" and I leaned down and he kissed me!  I practically skipped to the bathroom.

Afterwards we decided to head to Gretzy's (a sportsbar named after the Great One) for some more cocktails.
Pic from here
Where I proceeded to drink Appletini's and yap his ear off.
Like excessively.
At the point where I was worried that I talked entirely way too much about my interests and the things I care about.
The bar closed and we headed out.

We ended our night with a fantastic kiss (well at least I think so).
And the next morning he texted me to let me know he was having a lot of fun and wanted to hang out more.
So am I today will be our fourth date.
Eeek excited!

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