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Thursday, September 20, 2012

to the rescue...

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So my dad called me last night.
And said that he thinks we should go to Victoria and Albert's for dinner.
And he's excited to go...

AND he suggested we go to Disney for the Day before and stay in a Disney hotel like we used to when I was little.
And insisted on giving me his credit card to book it.
And I know my mom is sitting there listening...

And its very likely because it was realized how my mother went nutso and horribly mean this night...
but of course she can't call me to admit that.
Ughhhh family drama!

I love my dad though...and the thing that kills me is that going to Disney/Universal is how we do the best as a family 
Just is unfortunate that my mum treats me like that first...
Love my dad...we are two peas in a brother and mother run the same over the top emotionally. 

So funny.
How I can go to bed one night completely hurt and sad.
And here comes my dad to the rescue once again and sets everything right.
My dad is the kindest and most patient person I know.
I just hope I am more like him.

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