Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm just going to take a minute and let it ride...

Pic from here.
Y'all so SO much to tell you.
But I'm exhausted (I got in just before midnight last night).
After this last 10 days or so of so many things.
Things I cannot WAIT to tell you about.

But I think y'all deserve a sneak peak...

A trip to Dallas that was just...oh my goodness perfect! ~ When I first landed the feeling of anticipation, excitement, warmth, love, friendship...the trip felt like coming home.
So to leave there just so broken hearted with leaving...the lump in my throat that builds and the feeling of returning to a place where I'm not sure I belong...just UGH!

A trip to Ann Arbor that was meant to be just a fun silly trip to watch a football big deal right?! ~ Thinking I have feelings for my best guy friend of 8 years where it was never ever even a thought before...big deal.  Making out with him in a drunken haze...bigger deal.  Blowing it off like it wasn't anything...biggest deal.

I am so grateful and appreciative to my best girlfriends...some friends I have had for years...some I met in real life for the first time this past weekend (but feeling like they have been my friend for years)...just plain magical.

And just to be a tease...these last couple of days also involved; cupcakes, Swedish fish vodka, koozies, tailgating, an eagle, a stealth bomber, boot fittings, surprise parties, and the police.

So I'm working on those posts...but until then...

"I'm just going to take a minute and let it ride...I'm just going to take a minute and let it breeze..."

Here is the song  that the last two lines are from..if you are interested...its the chorus that feels like a comfy groove to try and get myself to catch my starts with a quote ..."a bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song"


  1. WOW, what a weekend. Love the photo and LOVE the song.

    I hear you with the broken heart from leaving. Only I'm only three hours away while you're way too many more. Makes my heart heavy. Argh. I just have to stop thinking about how sad I am and look SOOO forward to the next time!! That's the only thing that cheers me up and makes me in a happy mood again :) .

  2. I miss you so so soooooooooooo much! Yes we need to get on the planning for next time!