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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Two Thursdays Ago

I should be officially enjoying my holiday in Dallas at this point.
But still owe you some posts :)
Like two Thursdays ago.

The CanadaCrew girls had decided to do a girl's night after work.
So 6 of us met up at the Bier Market on King West.
3 Brits, 2 Canadians and an American round out our fun little group.

I explained to the waitress...I hate beer help.
And she pointed me to this delicious discovery.

Total YUM!

And we all had brilliant pub food.
I had mussels and french fries (which the girls told me is a must do totally is!)
And we chatted away and shared tons of laughs.

The dessert I was told was delish!
I was just too stuffed to order one myself.

We talked about boys, vacations, who should play Christian Gray in the upcoming 50 shades movies, you know the important things in life haha.
All I know is that I had the BEST time.

Hanging out with a bunch of girls.
4 of them not from here.
It certainly took me back to my expat time in Singapore.
I was in SUCH a great mood after.

I cannot wait until our next after work girls meetup!

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