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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dallas Trip ~ Saturday (Day Three)

So Saturday morning we woke up and got ready to be spoiled.
Seriously Taylor is the BEST.
I cannot even begin to describe the day we had.
She spoiled me the ENTIRE trip.

First we headed to the Four Seasons for Manicures and Pedicures.
And y'all remember me complaining about what a crappy experience I JUST had getting mani/pedis.
Well this was 100% the COMPLETE opposite and most incredible blissful experience ever.

The estheticians were personable, professional and just a lot of fun.
Taylor thinks of everything.
And before I knew it I had a strawberry smoothie AND a glass of champagne by my side.

Did y'all know the Four Seasons is actually a Canadian company:

From that most perfect spa day we headed to lunch at Cafe on the Green.
It was just the perfect environment and atmosphere.
I was so completely blissed out with happiness.
A girl could get used to this!

We both ordered the same thing for lunch.
And it was perfect.
We wanted something light yet filling and this fit the bill perfectly!

We headed home afterwards and chatted on the couch for awhile.
And then the doorbell rang...and it was PinkSundrops from Austin!!!

And I had to pretend to be all surprised.
(I totally knew she was coming because we had been scheming ourselves for tomorrows big reveal).

One of my FAVOURITE things when I'm hanging out with Taylor is the simple act of getting ready.
Seriously it is my FAV.
Gossiping, drinking, applying makeup and doing hair.
And y'all Taylor's bathroom is the BEST place to get ready.  
So much better than my pseudo pillows on the floor in front of the hall mirror.
It seriously rivals my fav bathrooms found at the Wynn in Vegas.

It was fun giggling and having some quality girl time.
AND PinkSundrops and I whispering every chance we had about tomorrow's plans!All three of us then headed to meet Melody for dinner at Carraba's.
A fav of ours from my graduate school days.
The yummo bread and olive oil/9 spice blend.

And we ordered what we usually did. 
The Pollo Rosa Maria with a side of pasts.
This dish is so big (two full chicken breasts) that Taylor and I were able to order one meal and just an extra salad and we were stuffed!

The rich delicious food was amazing.
And it was just the best night ever being with my close girlfriends and all having a chat.
It was seriously just so SO much fun!

After dinner we tried to sneak out afterwards but we were worried of raising Taylor's suspicions.
So we all "went to bed" and PinkSundrops and I plotted on how to pull off the next day...

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