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Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Monday Night Date

So I'm in Dallas having the TIME OF MY LIFE.
Well at least I know I will so I did a few of these posts to keep y'all entertained until I get back.
So this past Monday I had a low key date with MrPravda.

After our last date was cut short (read here if you missed it).
So I was feeling under the weather (STILL so annoying).
So he suggested takeout and a chilled night at home.
I thought why not (I'm also going to pretend that I was not thinking that the last person I had in the house was MrKent).

So we grabbed some Malaysian food from where else? Gourmet Malaysia.
And it was delish.
It cracks me up how sometimes how something looks may not be what you get.
Like I find it actually sort of turn off the way this place looks.
Pic from their website.
But the food was actually quite good.
I would totally get takeout from their again.
And it took awhile too so at least it was prepared fresh and not just warmed up.
We had satay, and asaam chicken, ocra and fried rice.

And we watched some TrueBlood 
(which I don't mind watching on my own BUT 
what a weird show to try to watch on a date while eating dinner).
Anywho then after we sat and chatted and talked about music etc.

I was still a coughing sort of sick mess.
And he kept trying to kiss me.
And I of course kept apologizing because I really just didn't feel great.
It wasn't him I just didn't want to make out and then stop to have a coughing spell.

But the funny thing was it was like I just wanted to keep chatting his ear off.
And he just kept wanting to makeout.
So it was like a cat and mouse game.
Only I wasn't trying to be hard to get...I'm just still sick (and therefore don't feel cute).
Which is weird because this is my own self getting in my own way!

And y'all I just don't know.
Probably didn't help that I wasn't feeling great.
One thing that I do think.
I think my girlfriends would like him.
Like I think he is a nice guy and would get a stamp of approval from them.
MrDentalSurgeon on the other hand would not get a pass.
Just because of how he is in person...which sounds terrible.

Hmm perhaps tomorrows post will involve the texts that I got from him last Sunday...

We'll see.

So that is how I had a decent if slightly awkward date with MrPravda last Monday.

Who may or may not be taking me to and from the airport to Dallas...
I haven't decided yet...but I will keep you posted.
As always.

PS Does anyone else think I'm kind of nutso for still thinking about MrKent...WTF is my problem?
Have never heard a peep from him since he walked out the door that last time.

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