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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dallas Trip ~ Monday (Day Five)

We woke up early and were sad to see PinkSundrops head home.
I gave her a HUGE hug and realized just how much I miss this beautiful girl!
Taylor and I lazed around and slowly got ready for a shopping day.

We headed to North Park (our old stomping grounds for shopping).
First stop Kate Spade.
And Taylor and I were instantly in love.
However, knowing the first rule is to never start shopping right away we knew to explore the mall.

After walking around the mall we came back to Kate Spade to try things on.
And here is where I got into trouble.
And ended up coming home with ...

Suzette Coat...seriously this picture does not do it justice...this coat is GORGEOUS!
Clearly my bow obsessed self was OBSESSED with the bow collar!
From the back!  Love how the collar from this angle too.
And then this dress.
The Charlie dress...obviously y'all know what I love!
I love Kate Spade jewelry too.
So these classic earrings soon found their way into my shopping bag!

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And I wanted to get something for my about matching "friendship bracelets" actually it is Kate Spade's Bridesmaid Idiom Bracelet... the inside says best friend ever and the outside is engraved with "birds of a feather, two of a kind, perfect pair, partners in crime, peas in a pod, sidekicks."   

I love how the jewelry came in perfect little hat boxes.

And the way I totally justified these crazy extravagant purchases???
They had a labor day sale so for spending $1000 you saved $250!
I mean yes I may be eating Ramen the rest of September but these are "investment" pieces.
And Kate Spade hardly EVER has sales....that's at least how I justified it.
My first Kate Spade purchases ever!!!

It was so fun we had to take a picture to commemorate this fun time.
Look how cute Taylor's baby bump looks.
She is definitely one of those beautiful pregnant girls that is all belly.
Grrrr can't figure out how to rotate the pic!  I was able to rotate it in paint and it saves that way but when I upload it it is not right side up!
Sorry that it is annoying posted this way.
You can check Taylor's blog for an upright pic!

We made perfect timing because we went from there to have dinner with Taylor's husband, Melody and her husband and our friend David.
I haven't seen David since my Thanksgiving 2008 trip to Dallas so that was awesome.
We all went to iFratelli.
Originally we wanted to go to another restaurant but it was closed due to Labor Day.
So we went here instead.
Pic from here.
So after some yummy food we just headed home and hung out.
And these are the things I miss most.
Being able to hang out with my best friend.
Another perfect vacation day!!!

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