Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dallas Trip ~Friday (Day Two)

We woke up bright and early to head to Taylor's work conference in Fort Worth.
I headed to Starbuck's while she headed to her morning sessions.
I had some things to coordinate and email and I love the free wifi.
My view with the sun coming in the front window.

I also booked my trip for Christmas/New Years.
I will be spending many days with my family in Florida.
The crazy fun thing was spying all the Michigan and Alabama fans decked out for the game.
Then I headed back to have lunch with her and her colleagues.

The dessert at our you see what's peeking out from the napkin???
What is this?  Well Taylor who ALWAYS wins at her work thingy wasn't ready to win today.  Because I leaned over when the raffle started and asked "hey isn't this the conference that you ALWAYS win at?"  She said, "actually I won yesterday so I've done my winning"...then they pulled her raffle ticket AGAIN at this lunch.  Seriously Taylor has the best luck!

Then it was off to have my hair blownout.
Seriously I can't even begin to tell you how much Taylor spoiled me the entire weekend.
Not to mention that I just feel so much more CONFIDENT with my hair blownout!

Sitting in the chair getting my hair blownout while we sat and gossiped and laughed.

It was so great and made me realize how much I MISS Taylor.
We took a quick walk home and had some time to get ready for dinner.
Pic from know how when you are with your best friend and you can exchange a look...yup Taylor and I have that down...just like these two girls!
We had Will and his friend come over for a predinner drink.
It was so great to see Will again because I missed him.
And it was nice because he got along great with MrArchitect.

We then headed to Uncle Julio's in Addison for dinner.
Pic from here.
Really close to wear I used to live in Dallas.
Pic from here.
Nothing like some yummy tex mex and delisious strawberry margarita's!

Afterwards we headed to one of our old college hangouts.
Flying Saucer in Addison.

Pic from here.
 It is definitely a beer bar!
Pic from here  look at all those beer options!
Check out all the gold plates (saucers) on the walls and ceiling.

Pic from here.
You get one (I think) if you try one of each of there beers (not sure how many that is though).
By the looks of the is a lot.
Menu from the Flying Saucer
Pic from here.
We had a drink.
I had a cider.
And we all gabbed away.

Then the waitress came back I thought we would be headed into round two so I snatched a menu up to order something different...only everyone else at the table was like ...umm Teagan we are going to get the bill because we are all ready to go home.
I don't think I could have turned more red.

I was super duper embarrassed about it.

With that we headed home to tuck in for the night.
Taylor had some amazing plans for me the next day and night!!!
And she still had no idea what we had in store for her on Sunday!


  1. Girl, there is nothing wrong with being ready for more fun! (I would have turned red, too!)

  2. Thanks for trying to make me feel better about it.
    I was apparently ready to go haha.