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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Coming off the heels of this super fun date.
We made plans for a midweek date.
MrRealtor came to pick me up after work.

He was looking so super handsome in a blue dress shirt and a black cordoroy jacket.
Seriously so cute.
And we only had a brief like pause oh wait do we kiss hello or not so we sort of did a side mouth kiss.

So he told me about a new Asian restaurant that just opened at the Shops at Don Mills.
Called...P.F. Changs.
As in the American chain.
And when I told him I had been before.
He was like wow you've been so many places and this one is new.
Pic from here.

So I had to break it to him that it is an American chain.
But I was excited because it has been a few years since I've been.

It is the first one in Canada too.

So we headed in.
And I found it so sweet that when he saw I was struggling with the wine decision he asked if I wanted help and then picked out something for me.
And I LOVED that when the waiter came by he ordered for me with a "the lady will have..."
(I made my own choice but he listened and ordered for me).
I'm totally an old fashioned girl.
Pic from same as above.
We shared the crab wontons to start.
And yes P.F. Changs is a very "americanized" Chinese food but sometimes it is exaclty what you crave.
I do love the hole in the wall places too though and in Toronto there is some delish (and more authentic) Chinese food.

Pic from same as above.

After that we headed to Joey for some cocktails.
And we chatted over drinks getting to know one another.
He's quite cute though I think I need to get past more of the surface stuff and start asking some harder hitting questions.
Val is so good at stuff like that...I'm pretty sure she never makes it past 2 dates without asking the serious questions whereas I'm happy to tapdance around frivolous small talk (ummm hello MrDentalSurgeon was all surface).

Pic from here.

When we were walking back to the car I was clearly shivering so he took off his jacket and put it around my shoulders.
Seriously...he is pretty amazing.

He dropped me back off at home before a really good goodnight kiss.
One where he FINALLY reached and grabbed my neck and pulled me in a little closer.

And I was on cloud nine all the way up to my apartment.
Date five is on the calendar.
Kind of pretty excited.

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  1. Driving me crazy not seeing updates from you recently!! Loved seeing your sailboat photos on FB, and crossing fingers you're having a blast, but miss your posts! I shouldn't be one to say anything since I've been awful with commenting lately, but I do read every post!!