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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mea Cupola...I think that means my apologies or I'm sorry or I could be making that up

Pic from here.
Y'all I'm totally behind in blogging.
I'm going to blame it on being stressed out about life/work mainly.
But I'm getting back to it this long weekend (it's Canadian Thanksgiving)

But to tell you what I need to update about here we go.

  • the final day of my Dallas trip
  • my Ann Arbor trip (minus the Will drama that I did tell you about before and instead filled with fun tails of meeting a new blogger friend who was even more amazing in real life than on her blog IF that was possible)
  • Dating MrRealtor 
  • Trying to avoid dating B (and I feel soooooooooo guilty about it).
  • Getting bored with the internet dating thing which reminds me I need to cancel my membership!
  • Mundane things in life like car emissions testing/errand/etc that are so boring...making me wish I had a personal assistant!
  • I think I owe you a apartment tour update as some things have changed since I first moved in and I'm renewing my lease here...and yes that is sad because it means I'm not moving to a fabulous new country or downtown :(  
  • Fun new girly activities with my new CanadianCrew ...though they aren't really new anymore.
  • Dress shopping with Laurel for her big day
  • I'm sure I will think of more stuff like my new obsession with FourSquare
When it comes down to it my days/weeks have felt long because I've been busy and trying to contemplate leaving this job and am just so darn stressed about it all.
So instead I just blow off a lot of things and watch Bunheads or Cheer things that make me laugh and forget about the stress.
And I've been reading your blogs and just not commenting (I'm horrible I know).
But I'm going to make the effort because well I like y'all.


  1. Hehe, I LOVE this update. I'm the worst at reading and not commenting. Stress and/or not having down time really effects that aspect, doesn't it?!

    Love how you listed what you need to blog. You are the most organized blogger I know! I may have to steal this idea from you...

    So glad you're obsessed with FourSquare hehe. It's so perfect to keep track of all the places you've been and new places to try - especially in a new city! Plus, I love seeing all the new places you go to :P.

  2. Your title made me chuckle. You meant Mea Culpa (my mistake or my fault). But nice try!! :)

  3. :) Can't wait to get all caught up on your life!