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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fashion Week in the TDotO

Y'all I'm slowly starting to get back into the blog groove...
Two nights this week I spent at Toronto's very own fashion week.
So here it is via my terrible iPhone pics.

So excited to walk up to the tent in David Pecault Square.
Even on a rainy night.

Val and I in front of the step& least I think that's what it is called.

 Inside of the tent was really quite cool.
Probably the best part was the people watching and the amazing fashion.
I was so overwhelmed I barely got any pictures!

 DJ and cool light fixtures at the entrance to the runway.

 Media lounge sponsored by Canada's newest American addition...TARGET!
So excited when we spotted this.

When Val and I got to our chairs this was waiting which made it fun and exciting.
The show we were attending was Mercedes-Benz StartUp which is a contest for Canadian young designers...very much seemed exactly like Project Runway.
8 young winner that would get to show next year and get mentors.
So exactly like Project Runway minus the cashola!

I really couldn't get great pictures because of the bright lights...

at the end of the runway...(look at all the photogs!)

 Wednesday night my mum and grandma came into town to share in the fun.
Notice the new coat!

 Laurel came too so that was a great buffer.

We went to the Joe Fresh show.
It was amazing.  Though a TON more chaotic than the night before.
My mum made it clear while she enjoyed it she wouldn't be repeating.
Oh well I tried anyway.

So it was ALMOST a bucket list item crossed off.
Because I am way more specific...on that bucket list?
Fall Fashion Week in NYC and Spring Fashion Week in Paris.
A girl can dream can't she?

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