Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Safe Haven

My escape here in Florida has been two fold...
One of these has been heading to the gym.
The walk there to just simmer down.

The actual gym which more often than not is empty.

My other safe haven is my room.
Which I made bright and sunny for Florida.
I wanted my room to feel like a happy vacation spot.
What's more happy than pink and green?

I picked the smaller between the two bedrooms (not including the master of course).  
I like how it makes it cozy :)

 I love the thick crown molding!

I love my clear lamp...and the random shiny pink parrot that I found.
I need to fill that green vase with some white hydrangeas I think!

I enjoy small details like how I can find a curtain rod that echos the lamp without it being from the same store.

It's definitely my escape.
Maybe I'll do a whole house tour for y'all.
It's just a small vacation home but I really like it.


  1. Adorable! The pink parrot makes me smile. A house tour would be fun. I LOOOVE vacation homes. They are so simple and free of all the daily clutter aka crap that fills normal life.

    1. I love vacation homes too because all the STUFF seems a little frivolous that seems to quickly crowd my apartment lol.