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Friday, December 7, 2012

Decisions Decisions...

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So I've been contemplating a life change.
A big one.
A career change.

BUT it would mean going back to school for a very long time.
BUT I'm feeling like I can DO more.
BUT is it because I'm stuck in a rut with my current job or is it my actual career.

And then there is the fear.
The fear of trying and not even getting into school in the first place.
The fear of attempting to begin something at my age (GASP 31!) I would seriously be considered a mature student.
Fear again of just not getting in.
But it has been on my mind lately...a LOT.

Even just sharing this and writing this down here.
It is frightening.
I also wonder if this professional decision will pigeon hold me in my personal life.
Being single now and making this decision might be more of an influence into staying single...and that may just become permanent.
I happened to mention the possible career change to MrRealtor who know you really need to have your priorities and decide what you want personally because that may mean being single then or at the very least making a decision to never have a family.
And that realize kind of struck me.

I found myself talking to Quinn about it tonight 
(who was SUPER encouraging and this is her chosen career (and I remember her lamenting about being 25 among a bunch of 21 year olds and feeling like super old in the group!).
But sure enough I found myself looking at the prep course that would take place over a summer.
And I this the change I need.
Is this the change I can even accomplish?
I wonder...

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