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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's Christmas time in the city...

Had to leave work today because I was so darn sick!
But it let me snap some pictures tonight of some of my Christmas decorations up.
The tree is up!

Fleur de Lis light!

Something less Christmas-ey...I'm loving the white feathers with the clear and glittery reindeer!

Some Christmas decor...and if you look carefully you can see I've moved some things around.
I totally owe y'all an updated apartment tour.
But thought I would share the holiday decor.

This year we will be spending it at our Florida house (for the first time).
And I'm totally dreading the 10 days that I decided to stay for (not sure what I was thinking...4 days appears to be the max from prior experience).
So hopefully that will mean a lot of working out and a lot of blogging.
Dare I say perhaps get the ex-boyfriend project rolling just a little bit more?!?!
That may be high hopes though lol.

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