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Thursday, December 6, 2012


So the two Canadian cousins held their annual Stevemas party!
And it was AWESOME!

Just a warning some people may find the description offensive.
But it was all in good fun!

For those of you who are new to Stevemas:

The Story of Stevemas.....

Steve was the lesser known brother of Jesus. His birthday is November 27th. Poor Steve didn't get any attention, what with his brother walking on water and feeding 5,000 people without the help of a proper caterer; yet Steve was a great guy. Steve liked booze, hookers, gambling, jello, and hot dogs.

We get together every year in our most festive holiday sweaters to have a few drinks, some jello, and a hot dog or two, and celebrate the spirit of Steve.

In simple terms, Christmas is to family what Stevemas is to friends. After a few quieter Stevemases spent in Kingston, I have a feeling this year's is going to be a "resurrection" of sorts.

So please, raid my mom's closet or your nearest thrift store, don your most festive holiday sweater, and join us for some Stevemas fun and games.

I realize some of you will not be able to make the pilgrimage from Kingston, Edmonton, Ottawa, PEI, Halifax, and other far-away lands, but I wanted you to feel the Stevemas love, and hopefully you'll be inspired to host your own satellite Stevemas gatherings. But who knows....maybe you will make it...there's always hope for a great Stevemas miracle!

Steve Bless You,
The Canadian Cousins

So I did participate.
In fact I brought MrRealtor to meet the friends for the first time.
In fact he was so great because I ran out of time and he went to find us ugly Christmas sweaters by himself.
He did quite the good job...

Here's what he got for me.

And this is his 
(he had no idea it was a woman's sweater...which was actually hilarious when he realized the party).

And he was good with my friends.
And he played along with all the fun games.
And overall made a good impression.
Do you sense the but...really no real reason but I feel like there is an impending but...

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